Vegan Protein Drink Mix is an ideal way to boost your protein intake throughout the day.

Please note, Protein Drink Mix is not a meal replacement! It's a convenient add-on drink to help you hit your daily protein requirements or reach your weight loss goals by adding to your favourite Formula 1 to create the perfect partner in creating your meal replacement shake. 

Protein Drink Mix is a 550g tub and contains 21 servings.

Key benefits

  • 100% vegan
  • 15g of high-quality protein
  • 22 essential vitamins and minerals per serving
  • 6g of carbohydrates
  • Allows you to combine your Formula 1 with water
  • 109 kcal per serving
  • Dairy free
  • Sugar-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Light vanilla flavour

How to use

Can be consumed as a meal replacement when you add this into your favourite shake, for an indulgent, rich, creamy drink to create as a perfect partner to your Formula 1 shake. Simply add 2 scoops to either 300ml of water and your favourite Formula 1 to have as a meal replacement shake or prepare as a tasty, calorie controlled high protein snack with water.

Create the ultimate vegan healthy meal that’s high in protein and nutritionally balanced. Add two scoops of Protein Drink Mix Vegan and two scoops of your favourite Formula 1 shake to 300 ml of water, blend and enjoy. 

To consume Protein Drink Mix Vegan by itself, mix 2 scoops of powder with 250ml of cold water, or three scoops of powder with 375 ml of cold water, depending on your protein requirements. Enjoy this product within a balanced and varied diet, as part of a healthy, active lifestyle.

Also combine into recipes to create pancakes, waffles, mug cakes and delicious meals.

*Product is for Protein Drink Mix only

20 servings per container