PHYTO LEAN - a program including the #1 meal replacement in the world, products with scientifically proven ingredients to hydrate and energise your day.


✅ A delicious Formula 1 shake - Flavour of your choice
✅ Vegan Protein Drink Mix - Vanilla flavour
✅ Phyto Complete 
✅ Herbal Tea - flavour of your choice

Also included in any Plan:

  • EXCLUSIVE access to my Facebook group. You will have FREE access to our Facebook community where you will have our support to encourage you, motivate you and give you the best tips to help you achieve your best results.


Key Benefits

Formula 1 Shake:

  • Calorie-controlled: Approximately 200 kcal per serving when mixed with PDM
  • Rich in protein from dairy and soy (18g per serving)
  • Provides essential vitamins and minerals

Vegan Protein Drink Mix:

  • Add to your shake as a milk replacement
  • High in protein
  • Gluten Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Dairy Free
  • 22 key vitamins and minerals per serving
  • Endless flavour combinations

Instant Herbal Beverage:

  • Gives you an energy boost in the morning, replaces your coffee and tea
  • Low calorie – approx 6 kcal per serving
  • One cup of Instant Herbal Beverage contains 85mg of caffeine to help increase alertness and improve concentration

Phyto Complete

  • Contains Fiit-NSTM An Ingredient scientifically shown to reduce abdominal fat mass, waist size & deliver improved vitality and energy in combination with a programme of balanced nutrition and exercise.
  • High In Vitamin B3, Contains Vitamin C which contribute to normal energy - yielding metabolism and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • Contains Chromium which supports normal macronutrient metabolism and maintenance of normal blood glucose levels
  • Gluten free & suitable for vegans
  • 60 capsules per container, 30 servings ( 2 capsules taken daily)



How to use

To make the perfect shake with this plan, add two scoops of Formula 1, two scoops of PDM, and a handful of ice cubes, add 250-300ml water and blend away!! (Each canister supplies 21 nutritious servings).

Follow the plan with the Instant Herbal Beverage Tea for a perfect replacement to your typical tea & coffee in the morning, giving you the boost of energy you may need to start your day.

Take 2 Capsules of Phyto Complete per day after meals (not to be consumed on an empty stomach) Phyto Complete should not be consumed by pregnant or lactating women and children below 18 years old